Morpho Encasement Earrings- Small

E002 MORPH 2.jpg
E002 MORPH 2.jpg

Morpho Encasement Earrings- Small


Two fragile Blue Morpho Butterfly wings encased in polycarbonate, a thin shatter resistant material, similar to what eye glasses are made from.
All handmade- by fabrication, not cast in resin or laminated. These specimens are suspended in the earrings with friction- held together w/ tiny handmade silver rivets. Very lightweight and simple to wear, the handmade clasp ensures they will not fall off.

Blue Morphos collected from an antique collection of butterflies.
Lay out of wings will be determined by size of wings available.

1 1/2" x 1 1/2" diameter, 1/16" thick.

Available in 14k and 18k gold by request

Wearer should avoid getting earrings wet or exposing to lotions/oils.

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