Gold Leaf Encasement Earrings- Small

E002 GLF.jpg
E002 GLF.jpg

Gold Leaf Encasement Earrings- Small

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Beautiful 23k gold leaf encased in polycarbonate, a thin shatter resistant material, similar to what eye glasses are made from. Amazing large gold look, yet a simple fashionable look. These earrings are incredibly lightweight, they weigh about the size of a dime,. 
All handmade- by fabrication, not cast in resin or laminated. These specimens are suspended in the earrings with friction- held together w/ tiny handmade 22k gold rivets.

Light and simple to wear, the handmade clasp ensures they will not fall off.

1 1/2" x 1 1/2" diameter, 1/16" thick.

Available in 3 choices of ear-wires: 
-14/20 gold fill ear-wires
-14k solid gold  ear-wires
-18k solid gold ear-wires

other materials (regardless of ear-wire choice):
-22k gold rivets
-23k gold leaf

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