Luna Encasement Necklace

N062 LNA.jpg
N062 LNA.jpg

Luna Encasement Necklace


Beautiful blue/green Luna Moth wing displayed in a pendant which is reminiscent of the moth's nocturnal habitat. 
Necklace is made from real Luna Moth wing, encased in polycarbonate, a thin shatter resistant material, similar to what eye glasses are made from.
All handmade- by fabrication, not cast in resin or laminated. These pendants are held together with friction, with tiny handmade silver rivets.

pendant: 1 1/4" diameter
chain: 18"-22" adjustable

Available on shiny or oxidized chain. Show in shiny

Luna Moth wing collected after moth has naturally deceased in its native habitat. 
Avoid exposing wing to moisture. 

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