Cabinet of Curiosities Necklace: Morpho and Sage

N105 small cab curiosities.jpg
N105 small cab curiosities.jpg

Cabinet of Curiosities Necklace: Morpho and Sage


Delicate Blue Morpho Butterfly completely natural iridescent color is complemented by two branches of native Hawaiian Sage. 
Necklace is made from antique Blue Morpho Butterfly wing and hand-picked sage, encased in polycarbonate, a thin shatter resistant material, similar to what eye glasses are made from.
All handmade- by fabrication, not cast in resin or laminated. These pendants are held together with friction, with tiny handmade silver rivets.

Necklace size: 1 1/4" center, 7/8" sides
chain: adjustable 18"-20" 

Blue Morpho wing collected from an antique collection of butterflies, sage collected from Maui, Hawaii. 
Can be made with different specimens/filling by request. 

Avoid exposing to moisture or storing in direct sunlight. 

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