Luana Coonen Jewelry

One of my favorite parts of making jewelry is becoming part of your story, and your story becoming part of my process.

If you live near or far, I'm more than happy to offer many types of custom jewelry services including: custom wedding & engagement rings, re-purposing your heirloom diamonds, sentimental pieces: wedding mementos, mourning jewelry, celebratory jewelry, or customizing any of my designs to fit your needs. I specialize in creating sustainable, eco-friendly jewelry. I'm accustomed to working with a variety of unusual materials, including rose petals, wedding flowers, old photographs, etc. I'm happy to receive these materials in the mail and prepare them for your special project, just get in touch! Options including:

 • reclaimed/post-consumer diamonds (ie: heirloom, recycled, vintage, & harmony diamonds) • 100% recycled precious metals (no newly mined metal)

traceable & conflict-free diamonds • fair-trade precious stones • fair-mined gold 

Name *
Please be as specific as possible. If you are inspired by other pieces of jewelry please describe & provide links. If you are reusing heirloom piece of jewelry etc & have photos- you can email them to me after after I reply to you.
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Due Date
Due Date
Precious Metal Options
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“Luana outlined the process of designing and completing a ring within the first ten minutes of our initial meeting. Throughout the entirety of the project, I always knew where we were, what was next, what was needed from me, and that the budget was always considered.”
— Michael Mellon, custom engagement ring

The Process

Step 1: Get in touch (click here for form)

The design process begins a quick 15 minute discussion, to get an idea of the project. This can take place over the phone, in person, on Skype, or via email.

We will quickly cover:

-what type of jewelry you have in mind

-general idea of look/feel/aesthetic

-what is the occasion & due date

-your budget/price range

if the project seems like the right fit, I will approve you to move into the custom design process.

“My grandmother left me a beautiful diamond when she passed away, and I was interested in making a simple but artful necklace out of it for my wife. Is this something you might be up for?”

initial ideas after discussing aesthetic & inspirations 

initial ideas after discussing aesthetic & inspirations 

Step 2: Consultation

1. Design Consultation

We will set up a 30 minute consultation, in which we will set up the foundations of your design, including:


-what is your aesthetic, & inspirations for your custom piece of jewelry (whether pieces of my jewelry or other inspiration)

-precious metal options

-discuss stone options if applicable (including using heirloom stones)


2.Design Deposit

At the end of the meeting, a non-refundable deposit of $100 will be taken, which will be applied to the balance of your jewelry. The design deposit covers all items discussed in step 3 &4


custom jewelry design

Step 3: Design


3A. initial sketch

I will provide sketches of up to 3 design for you to choose from. You can choose your top choice, and request any changes/revisions to the design (such as scale, details, aesthetic, etc)


3B: Refined sketch

After choosing your top choice, I will refine the sketch, clarify details, make any requested revisions.

Any future design revisions, sketches, or samples in metal are subject to additional charges.


Step 4: Quote & Deposit

Once the final sketch is approved, I will provide you with a quote for the project.

A Deposit of 50% will be taken to finalized the design & confirm the order. Materials will be ordered & your project will begin.  

Normal lead time from when the deposit is taken, is 4-6 weeks.

“Once we set out on a design, the production was rapid fire. I felt like I a was a priority for her, though I also knew she was in production of other work simultaneously.”
— Michael Mellon, custom engagement ring

Step 5: Jewelry Pick-Up

You will be contacted when your jewelry is finished! Final balance is due at the time of pick up or shipment. Jewelry is shipped via UPS with insurance and signature, unless otherwise requested. Clients are responsible for all shipping costs and insurance fees.


"It's gorgeous... everyone loves it. The design is amazing, really highlights the gem. Incredible work."

"It's gorgeous... everyone loves it. The design is amazing, really highlights the gem. Incredible work."

“Her attention to detail and.... her amazing ability to transform ideas into a product which is more beautiful, intricate, and impeccably built than any sketch could possibly capture. Luana has an innate ability to bring a vision to life in the most pure, organic way.”
— Brady, custom heirloom ring

Refunds, Exchanges, & Resizing:

All custom jewelry and designs are non-returnable and non-refundable.

Custom rings can be resized for free up to 60 days from day of delivery. 

“Its truly a pleasure to work with Luana, she is an amazing artist and a master of her craft. I was always impressed with her jewelry and when I decided I wanted my weddings rings to be totally unique and handmade she was my first choice. I brought her rambling concepts and scratchy design sketches and she listened and asked all the right questions, offered great suggestions and actively engaged my ideas until my vision was forged into its physical details between us.”
— Josh, custom wedding rings