Luana Coonen Jewelry


Sterling silver jewelry will naturally tarnish with time & wear. Whenever possible, store silver pieces in a jewelry box, cloth or plastic bag to help prevent tarnish. If tarnish needs to be removed, a polishing cloth (recommended) or commercial silver cleaners may be used. For general cleaning, it is safe to clean your silver and gold jewelry with a soft toothbrush and common dishwashing liquid (for pieces containing no natural materials) 



Pieces containing natural materials (such as butterfly wings, lichens, leaves, snakeskin) require special care! It is recommended that all jewelry is removed for showering, washing hands, applying of lotions, fragrances, oils or body products. The metal & natural materials can be effected by these products!

Water Exposure

Do not submerge the natural materials in water or liquids (may cause fogging, fading or distortion). Please do not store the natural material jewelry on sink top, in shower, or other area where it will get wet.  If exposure to water occurs, it is recommended to dry the piece slowly by placing under a lamp overnight or longer. If issues ensue, the piece may need to be repaired for a fee. 


Please remove all rings containing natural materials before washing hands, doing dishes, etc. Thanks!


The natural materials are subject to fading, it is, after all, part of the natural process. Plant material such as leaves, lichens, petals and branches are the most susceptible to fading. It is fine to wear the jewelry on a daily bases, but it is not recommended to store the jewelry in direct sunlight, as this will quicken the fading process. Although the material may fade, the pieces will still maintain their structure (customers need not worry about the specimens falling apart). Pieces containing butterfly, moth, snakeskin and other insect specimens should not be concerned with subjects fading.



The plastic jewelry is made of acrylic and/or polycarbonate. Although these materials are durable, they are vulnerable to scratching. The polycarbonate is the softest, (most earrings and necklaces are made with this- the very thin light plastic) and is more subject to scratching. The acrylic does not scratch as easily (bangles and rings are made with this). With care and attention, your jewelry will maintain it's clean look. Some light scratching will result after normal wear and tear, but most scratching is a result of careless storage or having been worn or layered with other metal jewelry. It is recommended that the jewelry is stored in a separate bag, or in a jewelry box that allows it to not be in contact with other metal jewelry. If you would like to clean the plastic, simply use a dry, smooth cloth (such as felt) do not use any ammonia-based cleaners, such as most glass cleaning products. 


Custom orders

-Most custom orders will be made & delivered in 2 weeks from time of deposit. (some special orders could take longer- I will let you know if so)

-Please contact artist for a quote on all custom order inquiries.

-Custom orders require a deposit of ½ of retail price. Once deposit is received, the order will be processed.

-Customers may request styles with natural materials in different “filling” combinations free of charge. Custom fillings are also accepted.

-Necklaces may be ordered at different lengths. Shorter necklaces are free of charge, longer necklaces may incur an additional charge

-Rings may be ordered per size. Sizes 1-9 are sold at the same price, contact artist for pricing of rings larger than size 9

-Custom orders of any idea & type are generally accepted, including wedding & engagement rings. Please contact artist for pricing and availability.


Orders in Gold
-Any piece in the production line can be requested in gold by the customer.

-Please check with artist for current pricing in gold, as it fluctuates often.

-When customer wants a piece in gold, they must ‘order’ the piece by putting a deposit of at least ½ of retail price. The piece will be made and delivered within 2 weeks of receiving the deposit.

-Orders in gold cannot be returned or exchanged.



-Repairs due to faulty construction or design flaws by the artist are free of charge. Lightly bent ear wires/earring adjustments are free of charge.

-All other jewelry repairs will be charged a $25 repair fee & cost of materials and/or shipping in addition if needed. These include:

-Damage caused by customers not following or informed of “jewelry care & storage” information (see separate document)

-Elective repairs (lengthened chain, ring sizing, custom changes)

-Damage due to the fault of customer (dropping, pulling, smashing, etc)

-Any jewelry that is broken/damaged within 48 hours of purchase will be repaired free of charge as a courtesy of the artist. The artist and gallery must be notified of the damage within 48 hours of purchase for this to be taken advantage of.



-If you purchased your jewelry at a store: returns are subject to the specific store's exchange policies. Please contact the store. 

-If you purchased the jewelry from artist directly or via this website: jewelry in perfect condition can be returned within 14 days of purchase.



-Both consignment and outright retail locations may enjoy the ability to exchange old inventory for current pieces. Please discuss this with the artist to coordinate the best situation to suit your needs.

-Exchanges from customers to retail locations are subject to that personal stores exchanges policies. The artist will not take back inventory which has wear & tear due to ownership & exchange (please refer to return policy)


½ pair earrings

-Customers may sometimes lose ½ of a pair of earrings. Any ½ pair of earring from the production line can be replaced, at ½ of the total cost of the pair of earrings.

-For a perfect match, customers are encouraged to provide the remaining earring to the artist to match.