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The Story of Your Ring: Mary (aka: the most unique diamonds I've seen)

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I love working with heirloom quality family jewels, and it sweetens the deal when the customers ring choices aligns with my design aesthetic. I was honored and excited to work on Mary's engagement/wedding ring with some super special antique rose-cut diamonds and lovely blue sapphire center stone. 

Mary’s family had some pretty special jewelry, and she sent me this ring so we could work with the center sapphire. Once receiving it, I examined the diamonds, and had seen nothing like them before. They were rose cut, yet they were not uniform, all were uniquely shaped and faceted in a way I’d never seen before. I asked my local antique jewelry expert for some advice, and the findings were astonishing. The ring was perfectly hallmarked stamped, telling us the ring is from 1854, from the City of Birmingham, England. Which makes since why the diamonds are so unique, they were all hand-cut, over 150 years ago! 

Mary and I chose one of my designs which suited her aesthetic, moderns style, and love for white gold. I carefully removed the stones from her heirloom ring, and hand-made new custom settings. 

preparing to set stones in the nifty ring vice

preparing to set stones in the nifty ring vice

The final ring is made of 14k Palladium White Gold, with an antique sapphire and contains some of the most unique rose-cut diamonds I’ve ever seen! It's so fun to give heirloom jewelry new life, so it will make it's way out of a jewelry box and on a finger for many decades to come. 

We had 2 little diamonds left, and a rings-worth of gold, so I created a sweet pair of earrings for her mother-in-law as a thank you present for donating the antique ring to a new generation of the family! I melted down the gold and set the remaining diamonds in them- a great way to use up those last few special family diamonds!